Secrets to creating company logo design ideas

Forming and developing logo design ideas is always an important preparation step and largely determines the success of the project. Especially when it is a logo design project that represents an entire business. This article shares with you 5 effective logo design ideas.

1. Derived from core values ​​and brand name

When starting to design a logo, the first thing is not to refer to templates online and develop them. If you do so, you should know that there are hundreds or thousands of people who have consulted like you.
Apexcorp’s team of brand consultants always starts with business research. In which core values, brand names or product and service characteristics are effective starting points.
The final logo is not the subjective idea of ​​the designer. It’s a logo that satisfies the customer’s wishes. Satisfies brand building orientation.
So, start with research and ask more meaningful questions, for example:
  • What are the keywords that represent the core values ​​of the business?
  • What is the brand name (brand abbreviation)?
  • What model does a business want to become?
  • What differentiating characteristics can be exploited from the brand name?
  • Can I use typography as a logo?
  • What message does the business want to convey?
  • How does a business want to express its brand image?
  • What does the business want to affirm through its logo?
That is the important thing and worth paying attention to.
Let’s start with the core values ​​that your business wants to create. From there, look for unique characteristics and differences compared to competitors to come up with ideas for the logo.

2. Put yourself in the public’s shoes

Logo represents the brand. Representing businesses to reach target customers on mass media. Therefore, public acceptance of the logo is a very important factor.
Before coming up with ideas, you should carefully study customer psychology. What type of logo design are they usually impressed with? What font styles and colors are they often positively influenced by?
It’s best to build a Persona portrait.
Conduct a thorough discussion with the business hiring you to gain a deep understanding of their target customers.
Putting yourself in the public’s shoes also helps you see the problem objectively. From there, come up with suitable ideas that meet the requirements of both the brand and customers.

3. Logo design starts with a symbol that matches the company’s direction

It will be much easier if you have chosen an image or symbol that can represent it. And accurately represents the personality or image of the brand. Or if not, you can start by looking for a suitable icon. And develop ideas around that image.

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  • Tiger beer company used the image of a mighty tiger.
  • KFC puts the image of the brand owner on the logo.
  • Versace implemented design ideas from the image of the snake-haired goddess Medusa…
Many examples can be drawn from famous brands, and you can do the same with your brand.

4. Don’t be too influenced by other people’s ideas

Before starting to implement the project, you will definitely search and refer to previously created logo designs. And listen to many suggestions and comments from colleagues or superiors.
However, the downside of this move is that you are easily influenced. And depending on those ideas, you can’t escape to think about your own ideas. Therefore, be alert every time you refer to a certain logo design.
To not be influenced by other people’s ideas. First, instead of developing a certain logo template. Please develop logo options. Based on the idea of ​​​​expressing core values, brand name, customer portrait.
Then use the generated options to continue analyzing the differences with competitors. Learn some variations from existing models.

5. Research competitor logos to avoid duplicate ideas

This is what you need to do with projects related to brand identity. It would be terrible if customers confused a business’s logo with a competitor’s and chose their products.


You should avoid special symbols, color palettes or fonts on your competitors’ logo designs.
Look for all the competitor logos you can find, and arrange them in a single page to list the points to avoid.
Experiment with placing your design idea among dozens of competing logos and evaluate the differences.
  • Is your logo easily recognizable?
  • Is the color palette or identification mark duplicated?
  • Is a 50% change based on an existing idea enough?
Because logos are designed to be easily remembered in customers’ minds, the more different they are, the easier it is to remember.
“The first goes, the last ends” – this saying is true in case you implement your logo design project. If you apply the logo design ideas that Apexcorp has listed above, you will be able to start more smoothly and easily.


Through the above sharing, you can apply the creative strategy of logo design for your business. These are secrets that have been applied by many brands and achieved great success. Please follow Apexcorp page to update daily business knowledge and skills.

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