Life value message from the Founder of Apexcorp

Master Nguyen Phong Phu - Founder of Apexcorp

Adversity and failure are fires to test life values

We are living in an environment that changes and fluctuates too quickly. Every day we face risks and challenges that we cannot fully predict. Three valuable lessons are also life values ​​that Founder of Apexcorp has learned through adversity and failure.
  • Always follow the bright light of the sun of desire to create stronger motivation every day.
  • Elevate yourself and cultivate a good mind to always be peaceful and happy.
  • You can only achieve success when you help others achieve what they want.

Living according to the Law of Karma is the path to enlightenment

Life is operated by the Universe according to the Law of Cause and Effect and the existing natural laws. Every adversity and difficulty has its own meaning. Know how to sacrifice and be patient in adversity. That is the key to open the door of the temple of wisdom hidden within you. Cause and effect is not just something to believe. Cause and effect is the path to becoming enlightened and becoming an Intellectual Entrepreneur.
Master Nguyen Phong Phu – Founder of Apexcorp
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