Ideas to anticipate marketing trends in Vietnam’s cosmetics industry in 2024

hen implementing a marketing strategy for the cosmetics industry, you must demonstrate the brand’s creativity to bring about outstanding effectiveness and increased revenue. Proper cosmetic marketing will help bring success to the business.
Because the cosmetics industry is related to health and beauty, there are many factors that influence customers’ purchasing decisions. Those factors can be media, trends, fashion, effectiveness, etc. Therefore, there will be many cosmetic industry marketing strategies for each different brand. You need to choose the appropriate strategy for each product or service to get the best results.

New marketing trends in the cosmetics industry

In addition to building a brand, establishing reputation, and communication, you can apply some of the following effective marketing activities:

1. Personalization

Customer needs in the cosmetics and beauty industry are becoming more and more diverse. Not only that, it is also related to each individual’s feelings. Therefore, building products in the direction of One-Size-Fits-All is no longer appropriate.
You need to personalize your products based on customer ideas to bring products that meet each person’s unique needs. Thanks to that, your brand will bring customers a unique experience. Along with that, you can properly target customer insight and create the highest purchasing efficiency.
For example: L’Oréal foundation products have versions suitable for 22 thousand skin tones. You can see their product personalization strategy is quite good. Thanks to that, this strategy helps customers choose the most suitable product for themselves.
In addition, some brands also use personalization of Cosmetics Industry Marketing to convey content. These contents will be delivered to the target audience through analysis and data collection.
This strategy is very useful for Websites when suggesting suitable products to customers. This suggestion will be based on search history, purchase history, and information provided by the user.

2. Technology application

Some big brands have brought customers realistic and personalized experiences using augmented reality technology. Brands such as Sephora, Nyx, Innisfree, L’Oréal,… have allowed customers to use makeup product cards on their eyes and hair through Selfie images. Customers just need to download the application and upload a photo to see which product is suitable for them. In addition, through this application, brands can bring more suitable products to them.
Online consultants are tools to effectively apply artificial intelligence to the beauty industry. It will analyze, evaluate the skin and recommend appropriate products just like a dermatologist.
Another quite popular application of AI suitable for Cosmetic Industry Marketing is Chatbot. This is a consulting program through messaging platforms such as Skype, Messenger, Wechat, Viber, etc. Instead of one-way shopping on the Web, customers can chat with Bots. They will help advise products similar to a professional salesperson.

3. Influencer Marketing

According to a Nielsen report, 92% of customers trust the advice of people they trust. Therefore, the brand’s own advertisements will not receive much customer trust.
Especially in the Beauty industry, customers will make purchasing decisions based on reviews from Influencers. When Influencers create content and share information and experiences about products, customers will feel natural, genuine and trustworthy.
Understanding this, many brands have cooperated with Beauty Bloggers to spread the message. These messages will orient users and make them buy more. However, the content and sharing methods of Influencers are often highly personal. Therefore, you need to choose Influencers that match your brand’s image and personality.

4. Use new channels

Pinterest was formed based on the idea of ​​building a social network around lifestyle. Therefore, doing marketing through Pinterest will help you better understand lifestyle and understand customers. All thanks to the feature of repinning images from other users. Images posted on Pinterest are often very viral.
Snow and Snapchat are also gradually becoming effective cosmetic advertising and PR channels. Like the L’Ore’al brand that advertised its line of eyeliner and lipstick using the Makeup Filter on Snapchat.

Five marketing ideas for the cosmetics industry to stay ahead of the 2024 trend

1. Build sales channels with quality content

For cosmetic products, customers often research and learn carefully before shopping. Therefore, you need to focus on creating educational, instructive, and inspirational content.
This content will motivate customers to interact more deeply with your brand. You can build Blogs reviewing products, how to care for skin, how to differentiate cosmetics,… to help provide more useful knowledge about beauty to readers. Or you can also create makeup tutorial videos and share them on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram,…

2. KOLs marketing with celebrities

KOLs marketing with celebrities will make your brand more trustworthy.
Influencer Marketing has become very popular in recent years. Especially in cosmetics marketing, it has become an indispensable tool.
You don’t need to choose very famous people, just people with small influence. Choose people with 10 – 50 thousand followers to make things look more trustworthy. Note, you need to choose people who are active in the cosmetic field such as makeup artists, Beauty Bloggers, etc.

3. Deploy campaigns that appeal to user psychology such as gifts, discounts,…

This is a form of marketing applied by many cosmetic retail stores both directly and online. They often use this form to promote new cosmetics or on major holidays.
Giving customers free products can be done through forms such as: Playing Mini Games on social networks, lucky draws, loyalty programs, etc. You can ask customers to do so. Some simple actions such as: Like Fanpage, Share article, provide Email information, phone number,… to receive free products.

4. Organize makeup contests

Holding a makeup contest will help the brand gain a large number of followers.
Cosmetics company L’Oreal NYX held a contest called The Face Awards. This is an online makeup contest for everyone who loves beauty. Everyone can participate by creating their own Make Up Video and sending it to the company. The audience will be the one to decide who will win through their social network accounts.
This method not only helps increase brand recognition but also gain a large number of followers. So, you can apply the same to cosmetic advertising to make your brand stand out more.

5. Build a brand using Digital Marketing methods

The trend of the 4.0 era is online marketing, the trend of young people is online shopping. Therefore, multi-channel marketing is gradually forming and developing strongly in Vietnam.
You can apply Digital Marketing methods in a number of channels such as:
  • SEO: This is a way to help you increase your presence on the first page of Google. Not only that, this is also a way to help you create a website for your brand quite effectively.
  • Blogger: Google’s free Blog creation channel, you can use it to support SEO, or use it to create Blog Reviews, makeup tutorials,…
  • WordPress: Similar to Blogger, this is also a source to help you create a free Blog.
  • Adwords: This is the way to help you get the fastest profit. You can run ads on channels like Facebook, Google, Youtube,…
  • Inbound PR: Using this form, you will promote based on quality content with great influence. Thanks to that, your brand will reach more customers
Through the above cosmetic industry marketing ideas, you can apply them to your strategy. These are ideas that have been applied by many brands and achieved great success. Please follow Apexcorp page to update daily business knowledge and skills.
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