How to build an effective human resources training program for company?

Personnel training is the optimal and most economical way to help businesses improve the quality of products and services. When exposed to technology and honing operational skills, human resources can improve their skills, performance and be more loyal to the organization. It can be said that because of the benefits that internal training brings, businesses in Vietnam are increasingly focusing and investing in this activity. Next, Master Nguyen Phong Phu – Apexcorp corporate training and consulting expert shares how to build a comprehensive human resources training program in just 5 steps. Helps executives/business owners orient their own organizations.

Step 1: Consider internal personnel training needs 

Identifying internal training needs is the first step that needs to be taken. At this stage, leaders, managers, and department heads need to identify challenges and limitations of employees during the work process. Businesses can determine this through the difference between current performance and expected performance. Besides, businesses need to consider what individuals and organizations need through training courses. This is the basis for building appropriate, attractive training content that addresses needs and stimulates learning in employees.
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Step 2: Set goals for individuals and organizations

When planning without a specific destination, training cannot be highly effective. Training goals need to determine what individuals will understand and be able to do after the training course. These can be current limitations, shortcomings or the addition of new knowledge and working tools. At the same time, businesses need to ask what benefits training brings to the company. What are the goals of each stage? Once clear and realistic goals have been established, organizations can easily orient and build effective training programs.

Step 3: Build a suitable training program

Training program is understood as the construction and distribution of professional, practical and useful training content to improve personnel qualifications and improve work quality. Resources and training plans need to be determined in detail.
  • Who are the trained subjects and how many are there?
  • Choose trainers and instructional materials carefully
  • How long does the training program take place and how often?
  • What training methods will businesses apply?
  • Where is the venue? What is the form of training?
  • Determine the budget for the entire training and human resource development process
  • Bước 4: Triển khai khóa huấn luyện nguồn nhân lực

This is an important stage to realize training contents and plans. An effective training course gives employees access. Practice appropriate skills, knowledge and technology for each field and department. Experts encourage participants to freely express their opinions. By discussing, asking questions and contributing ideas. At the same time, create the habit of looking at problems from multiple perspectives. Learn from colleagues, superiors and training experts. 

Step 5: Monitor and evaluate results

During the implementation of the training plan, the organization needs to monitor. Assess interest and ability to absorb. Work performance of personnel during and after the training process. Because employee interest in the training program may not be stable and long-lasting. This affects the quality of training and makes it difficult for the organization to achieve its set goals. Even a waste of budget but not as effective as expected.
No training plan is perfect. Therefore, organizations should actively receive feedback from relevant parties, such as instructors, training personnel, and monitoring and evaluation departments. Opinions from them will help businesses improve and upgrade content, methods, and training methods to bring the organization closer to its training goals.
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