Deploy an effective marketing strategy for cosmetics companies

The cosmetics industry is both a product industry and a service industry. Building a cosmetics marketing strategy is also quite complicated. Because the cosmetic industry is related to health and beauty. So there will be many factors that affect customers’ purchasing decisions. It may be due to factors such as: Communication, popular trends, fashion, and efficiency, etc. You need to choose the appropriate strategy for each  product or service line to get the best results. Please refer to Apexcorp consultants’ sharing of choosing and implementing marketing strategies below.

1. Identify target customers

According to research, 95% of cosmetic users are female. The age group from 20 years old to 30 years old accounts for the largest proportion, 57%. The age group from 15 to 19 years old accounts for 20%. And 18% of the age group from 30 onwards regularly use cosmetics and are interested in the cosmetics industry.
However, “Men” today are also very concerned and take care of themselves. So you must not ignore this potential market that very few businesses exploit.
Identify your target customer group based on demographic characteristics. For example: Gender, age, position, income, interests, problems or pain,… This is the first factor for implementing an effective cosmetics marketing strategy.

2. Optimize on products

Before thinking about implementing marketing strategies, you need to build a cosmetic brand first. Have products that are attractive enough and good enough to introduce them to customers.

2.1 Unique brand logo design

Any product made must have a clear label. Therefore, cosmetic brands should design their own logos for their products. The logo will be a concise cosmetic representation image, conveying the brand fastest. Customers just need to look at the logo to determine whether this cosmetics company is famous or not? Is it reputable and of good quality? Company identity is expressed through logos and brands. Customers often consider when looking to choose suitable cosmetics.
Create the best logo for yourself, it will follow you throughout your business. Criteria for creating a quality logo:
  • Exclusive design, not copied.
  • Convey the right brand message.
  • Simple design, easy to remember.
  • Harmonious color coordination.
  • Represents iconic images

2.2 Packaging and design

Before deciding on cosmetic product packaging, you need to answer the following questions:
  • What is your product? How big or small? What is the material used?
  • Who is the target buyer? Gender, age, interests? Do they care about environmental issues? How are their finances?
  • Where do customers buy your products?
Answering these questions will give you an overview of cosmetic packaging. Not only does it bring aesthetic and attractive benefits, but it also helps you save costs when determined correctly. Because you don’t just produce a few jars of cream to sell, right?
For example: If the customer is female, you must prioritize gentle tones and soft fonts. If you are male, you must have strong, sturdy handwriting. Customers are elderly, have poor eyesight, colors must be pleasing to the eye, and fonts must be minimalist and clear. What about the target group of high-income customers? Surely you have to invest in a luxurious and sophisticated product appearance. Only then can they stimulate their purchasing decisions.

2.3 Quality and uses

Standard cosmetic quality must have:
  • CGMP quality – ASEAN
CGMP is a term in the cosmetics industry, an abbreviation for the phrase Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices. This means good cosmetic manufacturing practices. This standard includes general principles, regulations, and instructions for production conditions. And the production process is to ensure the product meets quality standards and is safe for users.
  • ISO 22716 standard
ISO 22716:2007 is Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices.
The ISO 22716 standard provides guidance on the production, control, storage and distribution of cosmetics. This standard is also aligned with existing cosmetic quality management systems such as ISO 9001.
  • Choose a reliable partner
Choosing a reliable partner to accompany is a way for businesses to shorten product production time. Save costs on hiring small production services. And most importantly, standardize the production process of high-quality cosmetics.
  • Uses
The uses of today’s cosmetic products are very diverse. Because user needs are increasing and demanding. Let’s create truly sustainable beauty products for customers.

3. Cooperate with hotels and Spas

Creating a holistic approach to serving beauty needs is something cosmetic brands should do. Businesses can partner with other  brands in related industries. Such as hotels, spas and fashion brands. This will help build trust and brand reputation. Open up new distribution channels, reach new target customer groups.
For example, Derma Essentials cosmetics only distributes exclusive cosmetics to Spas throughout Hanoi.

4. Digital marketing

4.1 Website

To stand out and prove brand reputation in the cosmetics market. Businesses need to build their own effective online stores. This is the place for you to sell your products. Update popular beauty and skin health trends. Interact with users and bring the best value to customers.

4.2. Build quality content

There are 3 types of appropriate content when setting up a cosmetics business plan as follows:
  • Articles to introduce: The first article you need to do right when building a website. It helps customers better understand the brand, commitment, reputation, vision, etc. Users will have a deeper look at the product and the direction of building your product. For example, a brand that aims to upgrade cosmetics and export products to Europe. This will gain more trust from customers.
  • Knowledge sharing articles: This type of article gives customers certain knowledge, bringing beneficial value to customers. This type of content often includes information and solutions to help customers. Answer questions and problems you are having.
  • Support article: This content will indirectly introduce and assist customers in choosing the right product. What is the content usually about product benefits? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetics compared to other types? How to choose cosmetics for each skin type?

4.3. SEO marketing

This digital marketing tool is considered one of the most important tools in online cosmetics marketing strategies. Performing SEO for your website is a way to help you promote your products widely. Increase brand recognition for businesses but very cost-effectively. Knowing how to optimize SEO for your website will help businesses get high rankings on search engines. High website rankings lead to high traffic. Thanks to that, more potential customers will know your brand and products.
Apexcorp tu van chien luoc marketing
A website has a high ranking in the eyes of customers. That is a commitment to the level of corporate reputation when providing cosmetic brands.

4.4 Facebook Marketing

Most Internet users use the social networking site Facebook. This is clearly an online trading market that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people.
How to build content for Facebook Fanpage for cosmetics business:
  • The words used should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Make the introduction as brief and concise as possible.
  • The content of the product review must be authentic.
  • Design beautiful, attractive images.
  • An interesting idea is to share videos about beauty secrets.

4.5 Instagram Marketing

Instagram’s user traffic increased rapidly in 2017 and still shows no signs of stopping. Instagram is a good platform for posting images. So it will be a suitable marketing channel for you to promote cosmetic products with images. The plump “baby” skin you get when using your products, post them.
Take advantage of the appropriate #Hashtag about the beauty industry to include in your articles so you can market to more users.
Instagram marketing promotes images effectively. Images are the weapon for beauty products on this platform. You need to invest in high-quality, attractive, and attractive images.

4.6 Marketing Tiktok

Tiktok is a video viewing and social networking platform originating from China. Emerging in Vietnam since 2018 and growing stronger. Now this video social networking platform is no longer a simple entertainment platform but also a useful marketing channel. Especially in the technology, fashion, culinary and cosmetics and beauty industries.
Marketing on tiktok requires advertisers to invest in effort, ideas, and content instead of pouring a lot of money into running ads. On this platform, Tiktok will prioritize displaying useful, high-quality, user-friendly videos, and the rate of users staying to watch the videos you create.
Some ideas for cosmetic marketing videos you can refer to:
  • Record product and brand details (Can make unboxing videos).
  • Share about product uses and features.
  • Share how to choose products for each skin type.
  • Proper skin care process.
  • Be careful when taking care of your skin.
  • Diet for beautiful skin,…
There are many beauty topics for you to create content for your tiktok channel, start right away with this super “hot” platform.

4.7 Youtube Marketing

100% of technology device users prefer to watch videos than read text or image-only ads. In particular, in the field of beauty cosmetics, videos using products are more effective and attract more attention.
Invest in a complete beauty YouTube channel. You need to make some videos for the cosmetic marketing campaign below:
  • Introducing product information, ingredients, design,…
  • Customer reviews about the product.
  • The content revolves around beauty knowledge, makeup methods,…
  • Beauty trends in the world today.
The content is similar to the tiktok channel mentioned above. But on the YouTube platform, you should prepare long videos full of information.
These are all concerns that anyone who loves beauty faces. Provide customers with useful values. Bring them creative and engaging content. This is a very natural and extremely effective way for customers to come to you.

4.8 Run Google and Facebook ads

Good SEO marketing will bring long-term and sustainable results. But if you have just launched a product and want your brand to reach customers as quickly as possible. Then the marketing strategy of running Google and Facebook ads will be suitable for you.
Running Google Ads Marketing helps your website appear right at the top from 1 to 4 of Google search. As long as customers search for the right SEO keywords, you are one step closer to them.
Running Google ads is highly effective but the cost is not small. To optimize advertising costs, businesses should target keywords from the beginning. Choose keywords that target your brand’s target customer segment. Limit keyword selection that is too difficult to compete with. Delicately integrate the main keyword and many secondary keywords to make it easier for Google to read and understand the article. The article’s ranking will thus be higher.
The same goes for cosmetic marketing strategies through Facebook advertising. An article that is advertised will usually be given priority for display. This will get a higher amount of interaction than normal posts. Pay attention to clear budget allocation and goals for each type of advertising.

5. Deploy communication strategy

5.1 Media campaigns target user psychology

Deploy communication campaigns that target user psychology. Such as Giveaways, discount programs, free trial samples, etc.
This is a form of communication combined with sales that many cosmetic retail stores apply on both Online and Offline businesses.
They often apply this form of PR marketing to promote new cosmetic products or on major holidays.
Organize makeup contests.
Organizing live makeup contests will help brands gain a large number of direct customers and increase their followers.
L’Oreal once organized The Face Awards contest. This is an online makeup contest for people who are passionate about beauty. Everyone will participate by creating their own Make Up Video and submitting it to L’Oreal. The audience will be the jury to decide who will win through their social network accounts in the form of likes, comments, and shares of articles.
The participating contestants will call for interactions to help L’Oreal become extremely numerous and effective.
This method not only helps improve brand recognition but also attracts a large number of customers. Because the contestants will promote the company’s cosmetics. You can apply the same to cosmetic PR campaigns to make your brand more prominent.

5.2 Marketing with Influencers, KOLs, KOCs

Influencers – KOL – KOC are all influential people and famous people. These people can be famous artists, inspirational people, social activists, bloggers, and youtubers. Or more simply, they are just reputable consumers… They have a significant impact on those who follow them online. This influencer you can consider advertising with. Because these are people with a well-interacted follower circle.
However, KOC focuses more on activities such as sales and customer service rather than spreading the brand.
Most KOCs do not have high followings like Influencers or KOLs.
KOC they are just standing in the position of consumers, they use products and review products that interest them. Then, give a product review and receive the cost that the brand pays based on the agreed commission level.
For KOC, businesses can send cosmetic products to them to experience, try and give them objective reviews, compliments and criticisms based on their personal feelings.

5.3 Create a form to collect online reviews from customers

Asking for customers’ opinions, reviews, and comments is a very important thing that businesses must consider when implementing a cosmetics marketing strategy. Because the quality of cosmetics depends largely on the effectiveness of product use by consumers. However, collecting customer feedback is a difficult job.
Positive reviews or comments from customers are an effective marketing method, completely free. You can publish positive reviews on your marketing channels. Bad reviews are also a basis for you to review and correct mistakes.


Through the above sharing, you can apply it to building and implementing a cosmetics marketing strategy for your business. These are secrets that have been applied by many brands and achieved great success. Please follow Apexcorp page to update daily business knowledge and skills.
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