Corporate training courses for Leaders & Managers

Apexcorp dao tao doanh nghiep

Any company must focus on capacity training and human resource development. This is an important task in the performance management system. This activity includes: performance assessment, capacity building training and reward. These are formal management programs that help companies use, maintain, and develop human assets.

Apexcorp dao tao năng lực cho doanh nghiệp

Specialized competency training courses for Leaders & Managers


 Course name



The art of leadership & building the image of a leader 2
Leadership with emotional intelligence 2
Skills to influence/build trust 2
Brand Development of Leaders 2
Encourage and motivate subordinates 2

Strategic Management

Successful Entrepreneur mindset 4
Building & Managing Company Strategy 4
Apply Balanced Scorecard & Performance Indicators (BSC & KPI) to build company strategy map 4
Risk and crisis management 2

Financial Management

Financial analysis & decision making based on financial information 4
Enterprise Financial Management 4
Internal financial control 2
Control and cut costs 2
Budgeting & Operational Budget Management 4
Debt management & collection 4

Marketing & Sales Management

Marketing strategy management 4
Leading strategy in marketing and sales 4
Market analysis 2
Integrated marketing strategy and management 4
Innovative thinking in marketing and sales 2
Sales and distribution management 2
Brand management strategy 2
Application of BSC & KPI in sales management 2
Customer Relationship Management/Major Customer Management 2

HR strategy

HR Strategy 4
Evaluation of work efficiency, remuneration & motivation 4
Human resource models and new trends in Human Resource Management 4
Talent management 2

Project management/


Project management 4
Effective planning and organization of work 2

Change management

Change managementi 2-4
Leadership and management of a multicultural corporate environment 2-4
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Management 2-4

Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity to lead the way in business 2-4
Create and maintain a culture of innovation in the enterprise 2-4

Corporate culture

Build organizational culture 2-4

Soft skills

Problem solving and decision making 2
Conflict resolution 2
Power and influence 2
Mentoring, mentoring and developing subordinates 2
Business negotiation 2
Encourage and motivate subordinates 2
Presenting and communicating in front of a crowd 2
Run an effective meeting 2

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