Consulting & training services process

Quy trinh dich vu Apexcorp

Description of Apexcorp’s consulting service process

Apexcorp’s service process includes 5 steps as follows:
  • Step 1: Apexcorp consultants discuss and clarify customer needs
  • Step 2: Apexcorp proposes technical & financial solutions
  • Step 3: Sign a service contract (Consulting, Training, Investment Promotion)
  • Step 4: Apexcorp deploys the service package according to the signed contract
  • Step 5: Report the results of implementation & acceptance

Quy trinh dich vu Apexcorp

Contact Apexcorp to receive service packages

  • Dr. Biz – Business health assessment consulting
  • Consulting to survey needs and develop training plans for businesses
  • Consulting on setting up a company
  • Tax declaration consulting

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