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Consulting & training services process


Consulting & training services process


Consulting & training services process

Consulting & training services process

Description of Apexcorp’s consulting service process

Apexcorp’s service process includes 5 steps as follows:
  • Step 1: Apexcorp consultants discuss and clarify customer needs
  • Step 2: Apexcorp proposes technical & financial solutions
  • Step 3: Sign a service contract (Consulting, Training, Investment Promotion)
  • Step 4: Apexcorp deploys the service package according to the signed contract
  • Step 5: Report the results of implementation & acceptance

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Contact Apexcorp to receive service packages

  • Dr. Biz – Business health assessment consulting
  • Consulting to survey needs and develop training plans for businesses
  • Consulting on setting up a company
  • Tax declaration consulting

Apexcorp service price list - Flexible according to each need

No matter how big or small your business, Apexcorp has the right price for each of your needs. Please select the appropriate service package or contact Apexcorp


Free of charge
  • Unlimited number of interactive calls
  • 2 hour consultant at Apexcorp
  • Survey of needs at enterprises
  • Suggest solution ideas
  • 24/7 support

Dr. Biz - Business doctor

150 M vnd/package
  • Actual survey of operations
  • Interview with BOD, CEO, manager
  • Analyze and evaluate the current situation
  • Diagnostic results & solution consultation
  • 24/7 support

Corporate consulting

6 M vnd/session
  • Actual survey of operations
  • Prepare plans and forms
  • Interview team, customers
  • Review analysis
  • Meeting, presentation


10 M vnd/day
  • Survey to build lesson content
  • Lecturer's remuneration
  • Does not include the cost of the classroom
  • Does not include logistics costs
  • Support, work together

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