Competitive strategy for business

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Apexcorp provides competitive strategy consulting services to small and medium enterprises.

Methods of implementation

1. Internal document research and market analysis

competitive strategy

2. Survey, interview

tư vấn chiến lược cạnh tranh

3. Scientific tools for analysis and planning

  • Macroeconomic Analysis (PESTEL)
  • Competitive Analysis (PORTER’S 5 FORCES)
  • Resource and Core Competency Analysis (VRIN)
  • Internal Business Analysis (7S MCKINSEY)
  • Strategy Matrix Analysis (SWOT, SPACE, QSPM)

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Products handed over to businesses

  • Report mission, vision, core values
  • Competitive strategy report
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation (Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard)
  • Report system to evaluate the performance of each department and control business goals


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